Safeway Survey 2022 | Checklist To Participate & Win $100 Gift Card Now

Hey guys! Have you ever been to any branch of Safeway supermarket? If the answer is yes, you might be eligible to take the Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey. The next question that comes to mind is the Safeway survey and how to do the Safeway survey.

Safeway feedback Survey is created to get their customers’ feedback and opinions that can help them improve their products and customer services. This survey aims to gain insights into what the customers feel about their products and the level of customer service.

Safeway survey
Safeway survey

If you are a regular customer of Safeway, you should consider providing your feedback in return for a chance to win a gift card in their monthly draw. The Safeway survey is simple and can be taken by any Safeway customer who fulfills the survey’s criteria.

This article will guide you about the rules, regulations, and the process of the Safeway customer survey. Through this survey, you can make your voice heard and address your concerns about the Safeway shopping experience.

The Safeway survey was intended to help the company improve its offerings in terms of products and services. This survey is for regular customers of Safeway who can help with their feedback. This feedback will help Safeway realize its untapped potential and improve its performance.

You will be required to answer these Safeway feedback survey questions in detail as honestly as possible. This will help the company fill the gaps and provide better products and services.

Safeway survey
Safeway survey

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Safeway Feedback Survey Rewards

Safeway values and appreciates the feedback and opinions you offer in the Safeway survey. In return for your participation in the Safeway survey, you will become eligible for free entry in Safeway’s monthly survey sweepstake, in which you will get a chance to win a gift card from Safeway worth $100.

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Safeway Survey – Rules & Regulations

Like with every other survey, you will need to follow a set of rules and regulations to be eligible to take the Safeway survey. Please ensure that you fulfill all the following rules to qualify for the survey. These guidelines must be followed to the letter to secure eligibility to participate in the Safeway Survey.

  • The participants of the Safeway survey must be customers of Safeway and should have made a recent purchase.
  • The minimum age of the participants must be 18 years.
  • The participants must have a working knowledge of English or Spanish language.
  • The Safeway survey is accessible only for the legal residents of Virginia, Washington DC, Wyoming, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, California, Maryland, Delaware, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, or Oregon.
  • When taking the survey, the participants must have the original purchase receipt of their last visit.
  • To participate in the Safeway survey online, the participants must be connected to the internet via a PC, laptop, or smartphone. 
  • Participants must have a valid email address and provide a working contact number.
  • If you submit an incomplete survey, you will not be eligible for entry into the sweepstake.
  • Any entry on behalf of a third party will not be entertained.
  • The survey must be taken and completed within seven days of the last purchase.
  • The participants can enter the survey just once a month.
  • You will not have the option for a substitution or a cash equivalent of the prize.
  • Winners of the sweepstake will be responsible for paying the corresponding taxes.
  • Any employee of Safeway, their family members, and other people associated with Safeway is ineligible to participate in the Safeway survey.

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Steps for Participating in the Safeway Survey

If you follow all of the rules mentioned above and fulfill the requirements of the Safeway customer survey, you will become eligible to participate in the Safeway survey. Next up is how to do the Safeway survey. Here is the step by step process you will need to follow to participate in the Safeway online survey:

  • You will begin by logging on to the website using the Safeway survey link to enter the survey.
  • Pick a language of your choice from English or Espanol.
  • Choose the state in which you visited Safeway and enter your email address.
  • Click on the “Next” button to start the survey.
  • You must enter the code printed at the bottom of your purchase receipt.
  • You will be given instructions on answering questions regarding your experience during your visit.
  • You will have to provide ratings-based answers about your level of satisfaction with the products and services you experienced at Safeway.
  • You will have to answer all the relevant survey questions genuinely on a scale with responses varying between “Unsatisfactory” and “Excellent.”
  • After that, you will be required to enter your personal information like your name, physical address, phone number, and email address.
  • Once you have answered all the questions and provided the relevant details, you will enter the Safeway Sweepstake and receive a message confirming your entry.
  • After that, all you need to do is wait for the sweepstakes administrator to announce the result.

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About Safeway 

Safeway, known today as one of America’s leading grocery stores, was founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915. With departments for everything under the sun, this chain is a favorite amongst many people across disciplines and generations!

Safeway survey
Safeway survey

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We hope you have understood the process of taking part in the Safeway survey and that you will participate in the survey soon and win your coupon code as a reward. 

If you still have any questions or confusion regarding the Safeway online survey, please leave a comment in the comments section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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